Why does this site exist?

This domain started out as my personal 'captive portal buster' but I wanted to publicise it for anyone to use. If you're on a train, in a hotel or bar, on a flight or anywhere that you have to login for WiFi, this site could help you!

How does it work?

If you connect to a WiFi hotspot whilst out and about, sometimes you have to login or accept Terms and Conditions. To do that the 'captive portal' has to intercept one of your requests and inject the login page for the WiFi. This usually results in a big, red warning from your browser which you should never click through! Instead, open a new tab in your browser and come here!

Can I use it?

Yes! Anyone is free to use or link to this site, just make sure you're always on the HTTP version: http://httpforever.com

Who built this?

This site was built by Scott Helme, a security researcher trying to help make the web more secure.